All metal samples must be prepared in advance of analysing by an Optical Emission Spectrometers. This requires a dry late machine which be designed and built for this purpose. The lathe should be proportional to the shape, dimensions, size, and number of the samples. This device is designed with all these parameters. Users of this machine are all laboratories that have Copper and Aluminum base analyzers. Due to the importance of accuracy and reliability of material analysis results in production, control, design, and manufacture, in addition of the quality of the analyzer, the conditions and quality of sample preparation are crucial for testing too. The conditions and quality of sample preparation are very important for testing, so in the sample preparation no external material should left on the surface of the samples and the elements in the sample should not be oxidized especially the most importantly due to devices using gas. Because of using pure gas in the sample surface analysis, smooth and polished surface may prevent gas leakage and the device must be in maximum level of safety and speed.

Technical Specifications

ample Height: 9-50mm

Sample Diameter: 50-70mm

Input Power: 3Ph, 380VAC, 50Hz

Engine Rotation: 2800rpm

Lathe System: Auto

Time of Lathing: 40s/sample

Sample Holder: pneumatic

Blade Type: 8×8 HSS