Leco analyzer

Devices and equipment for elemental analysis (carbon-sulfur-oxygen-nitrogen-hydrogen) manufactured by the American LECO company, very accurate and high-tech elemental analysis tools for detecting and determining elements in inorganic and mineral materials, a wide range of advanced analytical tools offers, which we are now pleased to introduce at Navin Instrument Control System Company.


Technical Information

The prominent advantages of LECO devices are introduced as follows, which may change based on its type and series.

•      Ability to analyze carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen with accuracy of about PPM
•      Has internal electrode cooling water tank system
•      Has a scale with a communication module with the device
•      The possibility of one-point and multi-point calibration
•      Automatic gas leak detection system
•      Automatic troubleshooting system
•      Touch screen – the latest six-axis adjustable touch screen technology
•      The possibility of having computer components separate from the body of the device along with related accessories
•      With an automatic electrode cleaning system
•     One year warranty
•     After-sales service for 10 years upon request including calibration, repair, supply of spare parts and technical support

O, N, H measuring device

Analyzer of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen series 836


ONH836 Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen

ON836 Oxygen/Nitrogen

OH836 Oxygen/Hydrogen

O836 Oxygen

H836 Hydrogen

N836 Nitrogen

NH836 Nitrogen/Hydrogen

O836Si Oxygen For Silicon Wafers

O, N measuring devices

analyzer 836
analyzer 736

Oxygen and nitrogen analysis series 736


ON736 Oxygen/Nitrogen
N736 Nitrogen
O736 Oxygen

Sulfur and carbon analysis series 832


                  S832 Sulfur

                  S832DR Dual Range Sulfur

                  S832HT High Temperature Dual Range Sulfur

                  C832 Carbon

                  SC832 Sulfur & Carbon

                  SC832DR Dual Range Sulfur With Carbon

                 SC832HT High Temperature Dual Range Sulfur With Carbon

analyzer 832
analyzer 844

844 series carbon and sulfur analyzer


         CS844 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

         C844 Carbon Analyzer

         S844 Sulfur Analyzer

         CS844ES Carbon and Enhanced Sulfur Analyzer

         S844ESEnhanced Sulfur Analyzer

CS744 Carbon/Sulfur

C744 Carbon

S744 Sulphur

analyzer 744