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With the support of years of experience and efforts in the field of industrial laboratory equipment and auxiliary systems, Control System Abzar Novin Company has extensive cooperation with the country’s industries, including cement, foundry, steel, and academic and research centers. In addition to providing and selling the best laboratory devices from the most reliable global brands, this company has been able to take effective steps to meet industrial needs by providing after-sales services, installation and commissioning, providing spare parts and preliminary and advanced training. The services we are proud to provide are briefly as follows:

•      XRD, Portable XRF, XRF and quantometer devices

•      Sample preparation devices such as grinders, presses, sample fusion lathes and polishers

•      Argon gas purifiers

•      Standard examples of RM, CRM, SUS

•      CSONH analyzers

•      Supplier of high voltage power supply and accessories

•       Supplier of all types of x-ray tubes

•       Consulting for equipping industrial laboratories

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