Antique’X, Energy-Dispersive X-Ray

Antique’X, Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer from CSAN Company

 The following are the advantages of this device:

          •    High sensitivity for trace analysis from Na to U

          •     Advanced algorithms for typical materials

          •     Flexible Sample Handling System

          •     Mechanical simplicity and reliability in lifetime services

          •      Rapid easy installation and completely customiz on-site

Special design with  wide range of performance and satisfactory options which allows Antique’X to analyze the most demanding or unusual samples.

Automatic Door Sample handling spinner Sample Beam Mask Bear Filter

Unlimited Performance and Ease of Use Combin

PROXIM software for Antique’X makes situation ready for easy and comfortable use of EDXRF.   Flexible and Powerful Energy adjustment is done for any type of matrix and all elements from Na to U

Secure Password-protection in all critical areas    All status and alarms are monitored for full evaluation

X-ray Generator

•   Tube Target: Rh

•   X-ray Power: 50W max., 50kV, 2mA Cooling: Air Cooled

•   X-ray Detector

•   DetectorType: SDD (Amptek)

•   Energy Resolution: <122 ev>

•   Sensitivity: Na (11) to U (92)

•   Detector Area: 25 mm

•   Sample Chamber

•   Environment Chamber: Vacuum/Air Filter Changer Position: 7 Positions (Al, Cu, Pd…,)

•   Mask Changer Position: 4 Positions Sample Changer: 8 Positions/1 Position

General Information

•  Line Voltage: 230VAC, 50Hz

•  Line Current: 10A


•    Door Open/ Close Automatic System Interlock: Vacuum & Door & Fail-Safe Circuit Interlocks

•    Weight & Dimensions

•    Dimension: 75x75x120 cm

•    Weight: 250 kg approx