X’Mill-100 Pulverizing Mill

The construction of the CSAN company with a suitable method for grinding all kinds of minerals, slag, ferroalloys and other basic materials. Powerful AC motor with precise control of motor speed and torque makes it possible to wear hard materials in a short time. The volume of the disk is 100ccm and it is made of cream steel with a high degree of hardness.

Model                             Model  X’Mill-100

Color:                            Blue/Gray

Labeling text:                English

Dimensions:                 76 x 56 x 100 cm

Weight:                          Approx. 350 kg

Voltage:                                 380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase,or other as required

Power consumption:          1.5 kVA

Pressure:                    Min. 3 bar, max. 5 bar

Consumption:            Approx. 10 dm3 / per sample

Programmable controller:              Delta

Control Voltage:                          24 V DC

Control parameters:

Duration of grinding:                  20-360 s

Material:                       A range of materials, e.g. raw cement meal, cement, clinker, slag of different types, ores, ferro alloys and other basic material

Grain size:                                  4 mm

Hardness:                                   Max. 9 Mohs

Temperature:                              Max. 100°C

Speed:                                         750-1450 rpm

• Grinding vessel, 100 ccm, Chrome Steel


• Transport to Site of Project

• Installation in Customer Plant

• Training Course in Customer Plant

•1 Year Guarantee

• 10 Years After Sales Service