press Machine

Press Machine Model X’Press-40 manufactured by Control System Abzar Novin Company prepares pressed samples for XRF analytical analyzers.   All the physical, homogeneous, and strength properties will be required for analysis processes which are provided by this system. With a maximum pressure of 400KN, compression achieved for the samples. The required press parameters including compression rate, compression time and pressing force are all controllable in this system.


Device Features

The upper part of the rotary that makes the very fast filling and cleaning process easy and safe. Ring press tool is with the dimension of 14 x 35 x 40 mm for each (other dimensions could be customized). From the design features of this model is a very safe system with minimal noise and pollution.


•    Automatic /Manual ring cleaning device

•    Vacuum dust  system

•    Different tools for different types of press

Technical Specifications

•    Input Power: 3Ph- 380VAC- 50H

•    Pressure: Maximum 400KN

•    Time of Pressing: Adjustable

•    Consumed Power: 2KW

•    Dimension: 120*50*70 cm

•    Weight: 420Kg