Argon gas purifier


Introduction of the device

The CS-2200 device is used to purify neutral gases such as argon, helium, xenon and krypton. Most of the inert gases (especially argon) that exist in the form of capsules for use in analysis devices in the industry are subject to pollution. In fact, the gas passes through a manometer and as a result is exposed to pollution many times, then it enters the analysis device such as quantometer, GC, ICP, etc. In quantometer devices that are used for metal analysis, to prevent impurities (such as oxides and carbides) from entering optically sensitive parts, as well as to create a suitable chemical environment in the spark chamber of the device, and as a result, to increase the accuracy and stability of the analysis, the device Gas purification is used. One of the most important things in quantometer devices is the analysis of cast iron samples, which is almost impossible without using an argon gas filter. Therefore, it is necessary to use an argon gas filter for steel and cast iron factories. Also, it is necessary to use the CS-2200 filter in desktop quantometer devices to prevent impurities from entering the sensitive optical parts and damaging the CCD detector. Installing an argon gas filter in the line between the gas capsule and the laboratory device ensures that the impurities in the gas in the capsule are minimized. It includes three tubes to absorb the impurities in the capsule, which, based on the need and application of the gas filter, it is possible to install one or all three impurity absorbing tubes.

Features and benefits

Using suitable gas connections to pipe argon, helium, etc. gases so that even when the connection of the purification device is disconnected from the gas source, the device is not exposed to air pollution and impurities. The gas purification device does not need major repairs and maintenance and even replacement of its tubes when necessary is easily possible. The device is equipped with a thermocouple and displays inside the filter furnace, and it is also equipped with a thermal sensor that can cut off the device’s power when the temperature of the device increases. Due to the use of electronic parts with suitable power and special design, it is immune to abnormal electricity fluctuations and has optimal and reliable long-term performance and has a good power consumption. If necessary (according to the customer’s request), it is possible to install a pressure sensor for when the capsule gas runs out, as well as gas inlet and outlet solenoid valves for special situations.

Device performance

The argon filter gas device uses an absorbent tube inside the electric furnace at a temperature of 700°C under a chemical reaction to remove oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) impurities and carbon monoxide (CO) in another absorbent tube at a temperature of 450°C. and absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbons, and finally with the help of a water absorbent tube (H2O), the moisture of the passing gas is absorbed by the surface absorption method. The water absorbent tube (H2O) can be recycled, but the other two tubes must be replaced after absorbing impurities over time (depending on the purity of the gas used). CS-2200 argon gas filter device can have one or three impurity absorbent tubes depending on the type of use. In cases of application of quantum analysis of absorbent tube (O2) and (N2) necessity


  •      Argon gas purification for quantometer devices and metal analysis
  •      Helium and argon gas purification for gas analysis and GC devices
  •     Purification of argon and helium gas and other inert gases for industrial and laboratory
  •     applications, gas purification for use in furnaces and all systems that require proper purity of inert gases.

Technical Specifications

•   Maximum flow rate 15Liters/min

•   Maximum gas inlet pressure 10bar

•    The purity of the output gas is less than 1 vpm in total (for the input gas with an impurity level of 10 vpm)

•      Removed impurities of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

•     Furnace temperature 700°C

•     Furnace heating time less than 10 minutes

•     Thermocouple oven temperature control with temperature controller

•      1/4″ (or 6mm) gas connections on the back of the device

•    Working temperature range 0-35°C • Voltage 220-240V

•     Frequency 50-60Hz

•      Cabinet dimensions H640mm×W350mm×D220mm

•      Weight 20Kg