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Thermo Fisher Scientific presents a compact instrument, the Thermo Scientific ARL OPTIM’X, with the following salient analytical features:

•Unique WDXRF platform with sequential and/or simultaneous capabilities

•Element coverage from fluorine to uranium, depending on configuration

•Closely coupled optics for increased intensity (210 % higher than conventional geometry)

•Multichromators™ for fast analysis;

•Unique compact SmartGonio™ for sequential analysis

•Sequential-simultaneous configuration blending speed to analytical flexibility

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WD-XRFSimultaneous/ Sequential analysis
X-Ray Generator50 W similar to 200 W thanks to ultra close coupling and large solid angle irradiation
Element rangeF (Nr. 9) to U (Nr. 92)
Spectrometer arrangementX-ray tube inclined at 66 ° under sample
Spectrometer capacity

Simultaneous configuration: Four


Sim-seq configuration: One

SmartGonio™ + one Multichromator™

Each Multichromator™ is composed of

two fixed channels

SmartGonioFully automatic, gearless, microprocessor controlled compact goniometer using optical encoders. Total angle range: 0°-150° 2q

Fixed channel using multiple curved crystal optics. Sealed detectors available for all elements from sodium.

A Multichromator™ is composed of two fixed channels

Sample loading1 cassette or 13 position autosampler
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