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High voltage power supplies

High voltage power supplies

High voltage power supplies have a complex conversion circuit that can convert low voltage input to higher output voltage. High voltage power supplies can work with both DC input and AC input. DC power supplies will be very economical for use in low power applications. There are different types of high voltage power supplies with AC input, which are designed as both single-phase and three-phase.

These days, the needs of high voltages in applications such as X-ray commissioning, dielectric strength test (X-RAY for medical, industrial and laboratory applications) has led a wide range of companies and technical professionals to design, research and develop power supplies with high voltage.

High voltage power supplies existence in different and wide ranges of voltage (1kV-360kV) and power (1.5W-200kW) which cover all industrial, medical, and scientific and research uses.

The most important of these sources are as follows:

1-X-ray Generator

2-Rack Mount High Voltage Power Supply

3-Modular High Voltage Power Supply

4-Handy Type

Control System Abzar Novin Company is ready to present sell and after-sales services of power supplies made by SPELLMAN in USA and WISMAN in China.

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