The XMF-104 uses a two-stage Peltier cooled, compact Si-PIN detector. This reduces the dimensions of the instrument significantly and also eliminates the need for cooling of the detector with liquid nitrogen.


  • Precise, fast and reliable micro EDXRF analysis
  • Compact table-top design
  • High intensity X-Ray spot using Kumakhov focusing polycapillary optics
  • Maintenance free, lightweight and userfriendly operation
  • Qualitative and quantitative micro analysis of varied materials
  • LCD display with membrane key-pads for device settings
  • Measurement range: ppm to 100%








X-Ray Generator 50 W
Element range Al (Nr. 13) to U (Nr. 92)
Focal spot size <100 μm
Cooling method Forced air
Sample positioning Optical Microscope, assisted by dual laser beams
Maximum sample size 50 (diameter) x 30 (H) mm
Type of samples Solid, powder and fil