The Thermo Scientific ARL PERFORM’X X-ray fluorescence (XRF) sequential spectrometer presents an advanced platform for rapid and precise analysis of up to 90 elements in nearly any solid or liquid sample.

Advantages over other analytical techniques are:

• Easy and fast sample preparation

• Analysis of the whole surface of a sample, a segment of it or specific spots on the surface

• Speed of analysis

• High stability and excellent precision

• Wide dynamic range (from ppm levels to 100%)

• Simple and rapid analysis of totally unknown samples through advanced standard-less analysis packages

It will solve composition problems in demanding industrial processes and quality applications in industries as diverse as metallurgy, petroleum, polymers, mining, glass, cement and refractories. Academic or research labs dealing with geochemistry, automotive engineering, materials science, environmental research and forensics will benefit from its performance and versatility.









WD-XRF Sequential analysis
X-Ray Generator Choice of power levels up to 4200W
Element range F (Nr. 9) to U (Nr. 92)
Cooling System Mid power systems without external water chiller
Goniometer New goniometer design offers many crystal and collimator options achieving the widest possible analysis range
Small spot analysis Pinpoint focus on specimen sections with selectable X-ray diameter of 0.5 or 1.5 mm
mapping • Construct maps of element distributions with cartography down to 0.1 mm steps

• Study of sample homogeneity for process improvement and problem solving

Sample loading Multiple position automated X-Y sample changer