The XMF-104 uses a two-stage Peltier cooled, compact Si-PIN detector. This reduces the dimensions of the instrument significantly and also eliminates the need for cooling of the detector with liquid nitrogen.   Precise, fast and reliable micro EDXRF analysis Compact table-top design High intensity X-Ray spot using Kumakhov focusing polycapillary optics Maintenance free, lightweight and […]


The ARL QUANT’X Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer from Thermo Electron Corporation is a state-of-the-art elemental analyzer designed for the most challenging analytical tasks in laboratory and manufacturing environments. Its power and flexibility are indispensable for many elemental analysis applications.   Any analyst can now take advantage of:   • Rapid elemental analysis from F to […]


The Thermo Scientific ARL PERFORM’X X-ray fluorescence (XRF) sequential spectrometer presents an advanced platform for rapid and precise analysis of up to 90 elements in nearly any solid or liquid sample. Advantages over other analytical techniques are: • Easy and fast sample preparation • Analysis of the whole surface of a sample, a segment of […]


The ARL ADVANT’X family of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) sequential spectrometers with IntelliPower technology provides the choice of performance and value to suit your true requirements. These high tech instruments allow analysis of up to 84 elements of the periodic table. Thanks to its versatility, the universal goniometer will be chosen for all demanding and advanced […]



Thermo Fisher Scientific presents a compact instrument, the Thermo Scientific ARL OPTIM’X, with the following salient analytical features: •Unique WDXRF platform with sequential and/or simultaneous capabilities •Element coverage from fluorine to uranium, depending on configuration •Closely coupled optics for increased intensity (210 % higher than conventional geometry) •Multichromators™ for fast analysis; •Unique compact SmartGonio™ for […]