The XMF-104 uses a two-stage Peltier cooled, compact Si-PIN detector. This reduces the dimensions of the instrument significantly and also eliminates the need for cooling of the detector with liquid nitrogen.


  • Precise, fast and reliable micro EDXRF analysis
  • Compact table-top design
  • High intensity X-Ray spot using Kumakhov focusing polycapillary optics
  • Maintenance free, lightweight and userfriendly operation
  • Qualitative and quantitative micro analysis of varied materials
  • LCD display with membrane key-pads for device settings
  • Measurement range: ppm to 100%








X-Ray Generator 50 W
Element range Al (Nr. 13) to U (Nr. 92)
Focal spot size <100 μm
Cooling method Forced air
Sample positioning Optical Microscope, assisted by dual laser beams
Maximum sample size 50 (diameter) x 30 (H) mm
Type of samples Solid, powder and fil


The ARL QUANT’X Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer from Thermo Electron Corporation is a state-of-the-art elemental analyzer designed for the most challenging analytical tasks in laboratory and manufacturing environments. Its power and flexibility are indispensable for many elemental analysis applications.


Any analyst can now take advantage of:


• Rapid elemental analysis from F to U

• Sensitivity from <1 ppm up to 100%

• Measurement times 10-60 sec per element

• Many options for sample presentation

• Sample imaging with CCD camera

• Adjustable X-ray beam size from 1 to 15 mm

• Electrically-cooled Si(Li) detector

• Versatile XRF application software

• Thickness and layer analysis




ED-XRF Sequential analysis
X-Ray Generator 50W air-cooled X-ray tube
Element range F (Nr. 9) to U (Nr. 92)
Chamber extension The Chamber’X option extends the nondestructive benefits of EDXRF to even the largest of samples. Blocks, boots or any sample up to 37 cm (14.6 in) high can be analyzed whole.
Beam collimators The ability to control the X-ray spot size from 15 mm down to 2 mm may facilitate analysis of small samples or trace amounts


Sulfur can be detected under air atmosphere. Vacuum will help improve sensitivity for light elements in solids. helium flushing will be used for powders and liquid samples

CCD camera

With a CCD camera for sample imaging and adjustable X-ray beam diameter, you can select which part of the sample you like to analyze
Sample loading Automated 10- and 20-position sample trays



The Thermo Scientific ARL PERFORM’X X-ray fluorescence (XRF) sequential spectrometer presents an advanced platform for rapid and precise analysis of up to 90 elements in nearly any solid or liquid sample.

Advantages over other analytical techniques are:

• Easy and fast sample preparation

• Analysis of the whole surface of a sample, a segment of it or specific spots on the surface

• Speed of analysis

• High stability and excellent precision

• Wide dynamic range (from ppm levels to 100%)

• Simple and rapid analysis of totally unknown samples through advanced standard-less analysis packages

It will solve composition problems in demanding industrial processes and quality applications in industries as diverse as metallurgy, petroleum, polymers, mining, glass, cement and refractories. Academic or research labs dealing with geochemistry, automotive engineering, materials science, environmental research and forensics will benefit from its performance and versatility.









WD-XRF Sequential analysis
X-Ray Generator Choice of power levels up to 4200W
Element range F (Nr. 9) to U (Nr. 92)
Cooling System Mid power systems without external water chiller
Goniometer New goniometer design offers many crystal and collimator options achieving the widest possible analysis range
Small spot analysis Pinpoint focus on specimen sections with selectable X-ray diameter of 0.5 or 1.5 mm
mapping • Construct maps of element distributions with cartography down to 0.1 mm steps

• Study of sample homogeneity for process improvement and problem solving

Sample loading Multiple position automated X-Y sample changer



The ARL ADVANT’X family of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) sequential spectrometers with IntelliPower technology provides the choice of performance and value to suit your true requirements. These high tech instruments allow analysis of up to 84 elements of the periodic table.

Thanks to its versatility, the universal goniometer will be chosen for all demanding and advanced applications requiring best spectral resolution and sensitivity.

Optimized secondary collimators are placed in front of each detector for improved countrate and resolution.

Alternatively to the universal goniometer, the ARL ADVANT’X Series XRF spectrometers can also be fitted with the new SmartGonio.

All advantages of speed, angular reproducibility, accuracy, auto-adjustment and stability are identical to those featured by the universal goniometer.






WD-XRF Sequential analysis
X-Ray Generator 1200 W, 2500 W, 3600 W or 4200 W
Element range B (Nr. 5) to U (Nr. 92)
Universal Goniometer • Up to 9 flat crystals

• Up to 4 primary collimators

• 2 detectors: scintillation and flow


SmartGonio • 3 flat crystals

• 2 detectors: scintillation and flow


Sample loading 12 cassette or large capatiy X-Y magazine (98 cassette)




Thermo Fisher Scientific presents a compact instrument, the Thermo Scientific ARL OPTIM’X, with the following salient analytical features:

•Unique WDXRF platform with sequential and/or simultaneous capabilities

•Element coverage from fluorine to uranium, depending on configuration

•Closely coupled optics for increased intensity (210 % higher than conventional geometry)

•Multichromators™ for fast analysis;

•Unique compact SmartGonio™ for sequential analysis

•Sequential-simultaneous configuration blending speed to analytical flexibility

For more information, please refer to:



WD-XRFSimultaneous/ Sequential analysis
X-Ray Generator50 W similar to 200 W thanks to ultra close coupling and large solid angle irradiation
Element rangeF (Nr. 9) to U (Nr. 92)
Spectrometer arrangementX-ray tube inclined at 66 ° under sample
Spectrometer capacity

Simultaneous configuration: Four


Sim-seq configuration: One

SmartGonio™ + one Multichromator™

Each Multichromator™ is composed of

two fixed channels

SmartGonioFully automatic, gearless, microprocessor controlled compact goniometer using optical encoders. Total angle range: 0°-150° 2q

Fixed channel using multiple curved crystal optics. Sealed detectors available for all elements from sodium.

A Multichromator™ is composed of two fixed channels

Sample loading1 cassette or 13 position autosampler