X-ray tube

Since the discovery of X-rays in 1895 by Rongten, the X-ray manufacturing industries development is still in progress because of its widespread use in the field of industry, laboratory and medical sciences, etc. X-ray it is not deflected at all and has great penetrating power by placing it in magnetic and electric field and passes almost everything except bone and metal. The function of this beam is as follows that by connecting the high voltage cable and making a potential difference between the cathode and the anode, the electrons are thrown toward the anode with high speed and the lower layer electrons are transferred to the higher layers and excess energy is emitted in the form of X-rays form when the electrons are returning back to the stable state and the produced x-rays is directed outward by the beryllium window. The X-ray production process is a low-efficiency process with only 1% of the x-rays production and 99% of the available kinetic energy will appear as heat on the anode. The anode is usually made of Copper, Cobalt, Iron and Chromium and the wavelength of the X-ray will vary depending on the anode material.

Control System Abzar Novin  Company, as a leading supplier of X-ray tube tubes from companies such as KeyWay Electron in China and Varian from USA, can provide a wide range of high-performance and reliable radiographic lamps in different voltage ranges (4-450kV) and power supply (20-4500W). As the use of these tubes in X-ray machines in various fields such as inspection for manufacturing, material analysis, pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, food and beverage industry, nuclear industry, security programs and non-destructive tests can be mentioned.

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