One of the most important analysis of metal samples, especially steel and brass, is the preparation of them. The polisher machine manufactured by Control System Abzar Novin Company has a 35cm diameter disc, which can be sandpapered with different roughness number pages according to customer requirements. All types of sandpaper can be used in this machine, and no need to glue or use special sandpapers. It also can be adjusted the speed and direction of the discs depending on the user type. This device is equipped with a foot brake, which the operator can stop the disk rotation at foot pressure if needed. In special cases, it is possible to install a motor control system and a suction collector on this machine.

Disk Diameter: 35cm

Engine Round: 1500rpm

Input Power: 3Ph, 380CAC, 50Hz

Dimensions: 47cm× 40cm× 95cm