Unique’s as the first Iranian Metal Analyzer produced by Control System Abzar Novin Co. is a new instrument for analyzing metal samples and determining the weight concentration of elements (%). With qualitative characteristics for the needs of metal industries, casting factories, research and academic centers.

The ability to identify elements in all metal alloys (iron and non-ferrous foundations), including Fe Base, Al Base, Cu Base, Ni Base, Pb Base, Mg Base, and Zn Base in single or multiple bases, as well as identifying alloying groups. The foundation, type of the alloys and number of elements for this Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) can be selected and adjusted according to the requirements of the workshop.

As the result of creating vacuum system in the optical chamber in this device, the accuracy, stability of the analytical results and the stability in the repeated results are maximized. By creating this capability, it can prevent the presence or entrance of the contamination to the device in the optical unit. Hence, the life of the device will increase and its downtime will be less.

Therefore, this machine has a fully engineered structure is highly reliable for industrial applications.

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Type of DetectorMulti CCD
Wavelength range140-800 nm
Resolution30 Pm
Vacuum system6-10 Pa
Argon purity99.999 %
Argon consumption5 l/min during analysis
Power requirements220VAC/ 50Hz
Dimensions99cm (L), 84cm (W), 135cm (H)