The ARL iSpark Series is a high performance OES spectrometer platform based on the best PMT (photomultiplier tube) optics. It features the most sensitive CCD (charge-coupled device) optics, enhanced degree of functionality and other innovative technologies, including:

• Unique PMT or dual CCD/PMT optics

• Revolutionary digital spark generator

• Innovative spark stand design

• Advanced acquisition technologies and processing algorithms for PMT and CCD signals

• Single Spark Acquisition with diffuse spark intensity removal algorithm to improve accuracy on PMTs

• Most advanced analysis of micro-inclusions

• Smart argon management with argon saving modes

Optional methods using the Spark-DAT algorithms allow ultra-fast analysis of micro-inclusions, such as Al2O3, CaO, Al2O3-CaO, MnS and CaS in steel, or TiB2, oxides, carbides, nitrides and chlorides in aluminum. The inclusion information can be obtained simultaneously without any change in operation or maintenance compared to standard OES analysis.





ARL iSpark 8820ARL iSpark 8860ARL iSpark 8880
Dual CCD/PMT opticsPMT opticsDual CCD/PMT optics
Single and multi-matrix configurations

Single and multi-matrix


Single and multi-matrix configurations
Excellent performance on a wide range of elementsBest performance for trace analysis

Ideal for metal recycling industries,

laboratories or any companies that need high

analytical versatility

For foundries and metals processors and any companies wanting an economical solution allowing efficient quality control

Instrument of choice for metal

producers and refiners

Inclusion analysis available
Spectral investigationInclusion analysis availableSpectral investigation
  Flexibility to accommodate future needs