The ARL 4460 has been designed to meet all metals analysis requirements from routine use to metals research. In varying laboratory conditions or in a hostile environment, this Thermo Scientific spectrometer is the solution for outstanding analytical performance.

Some examples of common products analyzed with the ARL 4460 are:

• Low alloy steel with ultra low concentrations of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen for the automotive industry

• Stainless steel: Food and pharmacology handling equipment

• Super alloys: Jet turbine blades

• Cast iron: Auto engines

• Magnesium: Aerospace and automotive

• Aluminum: Aerospace and food industry

• Copper: Tubing and wire

• Lead: Batteries and radiation shielding

• Zinc: Galvanizing

• Precious metals: Jewellery

The ARL 4460 is capable of determining carbon, nitrogen and oxygen in steels at ultra low levels using the CNO option. This option offers better C. N and O detection limits as well as reproducibility in the range of ultra-low concentration.

The optional Spark-DAT adds a new dimension to the ARL 4460 spectrometer. The ability to measure intensities during each elemental spark, allows the determination of cleaness indexes as well as the identification and counting of inclusion types within seconds.





Type of DetectorPhotomultiplier tube 28 mm
Maximum channels60 channels
Wavelenght range130-780 nm
Primary slit width20 μm
Secondary slit width25, 37.5, 50, 75 μm
Argon purity> 99.996 % maximum 5 ppm oxygen
Argon consumption5 l/min during analysis, 0.7 l/min in stand-by
Accessories and options

Spark-DAT, single Spark Data Acquisition and Treatment

CNO for best measurement of low carbon, nitrogen and oxygen in steels

Small wire and pin samples analysis kit

Argon purification systems

Voltage stabilization systems

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Suction device accessory to exhaust toxic fumes

Stand upgrade for semi-automatic operation

Data communication software options

Analytical results processing software options