The ARL 4460 has been designed to meet all metals analysis requirements from routine use to metals research. In varying laboratory conditions or in a hostile environment, this Thermo Scientific spectrometer is the solution for outstanding analytical performance. Some examples of common products analyzed with the ARL 4460 are: • Low alloy steel with ultra low […]


The ARL iSpark Series is a high performance OES spectrometer platform based on the best PMT (photomultiplier tube) optics. It features the most sensitive CCD (charge-coupled device) optics, enhanced degree of functionality and other innovative technologies, including: • Unique PMT or dual CCD/PMT optics • Revolutionary digital spark generator • Innovative spark stand design • […]


The ARL 3460 Metals Analyzer is the most widely used spectrometer in the world. A multi-channel optical emission spectrometer, the ARL 3460 is designed for fast, accurate metals analysis in foundries, forges, minimills and casting operations. It is also eminently suited to incoming material control and as the workhorse in metals QC and R&D laboratories. […]


Unique’s as the first Iranian Metal Analyzer produced by Control System Abzar Novin Co. is a new instrument for analyzing metal samples and determining the weight concentration of elements (%). With qualitative characteristics for the needs of metal industries, casting factories, research and academic centers. The ability to identify elements in all metal alloys (iron and […]