Polisher One of the most important analysis of metal samples, especially steel and brass, is the preparation of them. The polisher machine manufactured by Control System Abzar Novin Company has a 35cm diameter disc, which can be sandpapered with different roughness number pages according to customer requirements. All types of sandpaper can be used in […]

X-ray tube

Since the discovery of X-rays in 1895 by Rongten, the X-ray manufacturing industries development is still in progress because of its widespread use in the field of industry, laboratory and medical sciences, etc. X-ray it is not deflected at all and has great penetrating power by placing it in magnetic and electric field and passes […]

High voltage power supplies

High voltage power supplies have a complex conversion circuit that can convert low voltage input to higher output voltage. High voltage power supplies can work with both DC input and AC input. DC power supplies will be very economical for use in low power applications. There are different types of high voltage power supplies with […]

Diaphragm Pump

These New Pfeiffer MVP 020-3AC Membrane Pump, 1.2 m3/hr at 60 Hz has an excellent ultimate pressure of 1.5 Torr. These pumps run extremely quite. The inlet includes a 1 meter foreline hose and G1/4 connector for connection to turbo or other vacuum applications. They are ideally suited for employment as backing pumps for Pfeiffer […]

Turbo Molecular

The Adixen, MDP 5011 Turbo high vacuum pumps has a pumping speed of 7.5 liters per second. The MDP 5011 turbo high vacuum pump can be used for all general-purpose high vacuum applications. Cooling fan is set to 1 phase 115VAC, Turbo without fan can run on 115VAC or 220VAC with Controller. The MDP 5011 […]


For over seventy five years Bureau of Analysed Samples Ltd (BAS) have been preparing British Chemical Samples, now known as BCS Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for the metallurgical industries. The Certified Reference Materials (CRM) have been prepared under rigorous laboratory conditions and are issued by Bureau of Analysed Samples Ltd. under the auspices of an […]


MBH Analytical Limited is a Reference material producer as defined by ISO Guide 34 and is one of the world’s major producers of Certified Reference Materials (CRM, RM & SUS). The materials listed in its  catalogue are selected to meet most of the requirements for chemical and spectrochemical analysis techniques. These include Optical Emission, Glow […]

Niton Xl3

The Niton XL3t offers enhanced features designed for specific industry applications. A tilting, color, touch-screen display allows easy viewing of sample results under any condition. With the optional integrated camera, users can locate, view, and store the image of an analysis area along with the test results for later reference. The Niton XL3t is upgradeable […]

Niton Xl5

Powered by advanced electronics, Niton XL5 generates elemental results faster and more accurately than ever before. Results are displayed in real time, allowing the operator to see material-chemistry data as measurements are being calculated.   Niton XL5 optimizes the geometry between the x-ray source detector and the sample, improving limits of detection and shortening measurement […]


By using patented polycapillary optics this diffractometer obviates the need for monochromators and collimators for linear projection of X-Rays. Available as easy-to-use transportable desktop unit, XMD-300 offers versatile design that integrates convenient handling of powder samples as well as large uneven and odd shaped samples into a compact desktop unit. A cost effective analytical X-Ray […]