about us


New Tools System Control Company, with the support of years of experience and efforts in the field of industrial laboratory equipment and ancillary systems, has extensive cooperation with the country’s industries such as cement, casting, steel, etc. Scientific, research and academic centers. In addition to offering and selling the best laboratory devices from the most prestigious global brands, this company has been able to take an effective step to meet the industrial needs by providing after-sales service, installation and commissioning, supply of spare parts and basic and advanced training. Your support has always been our support in this journey. The services we are proud to provide are summarized as follows:


  • XRF, XRD and quantum devices
  • Sample preparation machines such as mill, press, fusion, sample lathe, polisher and sample transport systems
  • Argon gas purifier
  • Standard samples, CRM, RM, SUS from MBH, BAS companies
  • Types of vacuum pumps: rotary, dry, turbomolecular and diaphragm
  • Implementation of various types of industrial automation along with complete design of electronic systems and software
  • Consulting for equipping industrial laboratories